Induction of the Municipal Council for Disability

Induction of the Municipal Council for Disability

Parents urged not to shun their responsibilities upon disabled children

The newly appointed Municipal Council for Disability of Kira has been inducted and urged to fully perform its duties to the expectation as stipulated by law. Mr. Fred Lukabwe Kisiriko a renown advocate for the rights of the disabled who spearheaded the induction said that the major challenge faced by the people with disability is neglect by their own parents who also treat them exclusively thus making them marginalised. ‘How can someone be excluded by the parents and expect to be accepted and loved by the outsider?! Some parents still hide the children with disabilities, others do not give them the required care, do not take them to schools among others yet some of the disabilities can be improved by palliative care among others’.


Worse still is that some of the parents decide to take those children to caretaking organisations and completely abandon them there as a way of getting lid of the problem since they see them as curses in their families which is wrong: besides being born with disabilities any person at any time can get disabled and the only solution is acceptance.

Lukabwe used his life as a living testimony saying that for as a physically disabled child and with visual impairments was mocked by some community members but it did not stop his family from giving him all the necessary support and love and that why he was the first disabled Ugandan to study to degree level and with his disabilities has moved all over the world sitting on different international organization boards as a representative of the disabled yet there are many without any disabilities but can serve the purpose he has served and so disability is not inability.

Her Worship the Deputy Mayor Rashidah Nanyonjo Musoke addressing the Council said that the Council members were appointed following the mandate given by section 30 of the Person with Disabilities Act, 2020.  She requested the appointed Council members to work hand in hand with local leaders and have a neighbourhood watch to trace the children and give them the du attention. She promised the Municipal Council’s commitment to include PWD matters in the Municipal master plan and ensure that periodical reports are produced.  

Patricia Nampeera- Municipal Inspector of Schools said that considering the need of children with disabilities many of the schools have got Teachers trained in Special Needs to take on children with special needs and all the structures currently built including sanitation facilities are inclusive and catering for all.


Dian Nabiwemba - Principal Community Development Officer Kira Municipality  put the blame mostly on fathers saying that there are some fathers who are good examples but many of the cases of negligence of the disabled children she has been getting are by their fathers. ‘ As Council members one of the tasks upon you is sensitizing especially fathers to accept and take proper care of their wives when pregnant to reduces the risks since some of the disabilities come during pregnancy.  ‘And after birth both the mother and the child whether born disabled or not need care and attention and if any disability is detected earlier it can be treated and the child get better’ she added on.

The Council is to perform the functions as clearly stipulated under section 31 of the same Act and members are expected to elect their executive soon. They include:

  1. Margaret Nazziwa- Community Development Officer in-charge of Elderly and PWD matters (Secretary of the Council)
  2. Nagujja Miriam- Female Councillor PWD (Ex- Official)
  3. Wagubi Mubarak- Male Councillor PWD(Ex- Official)
  4. Isa Kagiri – youth blind
  5. Naluyima Concepta Katende – Person of proven integrity committed to PWD matters
  6. Godfrey Mukasa Mujwala - Parent for PWD child
  7. Patricia Nampeera – Inspector of Schools (Ex-Official)
  8. Samuel Mukasa- Officer in charge of Health Services (Ex-Official)
  9. Sarah Kisitu- NGO for PWD, and;
  10. Masaba – Male PWD (Mental health).