Kira embrace Rotary’s fruit tree planting campaign: 2000 trees to be planted

Kira embrace Rotary’s fruit tree planting campaign:

2000 trees to be planted

Kira Municipal Council has come into understanding with the Rotary Club of Bweyogerere Central where they have agreed to work together for development. The program of understanding has started with the campaign to promote the environment where they have agreed to plant over 2000 trees, a campaign which has started in schools with the planting of fruit trees such as mangos, jackfruit, guava, avocado among other.

According to Amazing  President Anjoga A Humphrey of the Rotary Club of Bweyogerere Central they decided to start the campaign in schools for the purpose of encouraging children to be part of their                                                                      

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               environment. ‘As Rotary we look at service above self and many of the fruits we eat we don’t know when and who planted them but we are benefiting and when it came to environmental degradation even when not one of the destroyers the effects do not exclude and so we deemed it necessary to take the campaign to children for the matter of sustainability. Today in one school we have planted about 100 trees and these have been given to children directly and named after them and each child is given the responsibility of taking full care of his/her tree. Besides fruit production the other benefits of these tree are numerous’ said Anjoga.

Launched at Libermann Junior School Namugongo where 100 trees have been planted, the project to cost 27 million will also look at planting of avenue trees along the urban roads aiming at beautification and environment management. According to Martin Luther Kajimu – Municipal Senior Environment Officer, Kira’s has been degraded due to rapid urbanisation that people are cutting down trees for structural and other development  but having got Rotary coming up with the idea the Municipal leadership is appreciative and  more than ready to offer the required support.

Kajimu added that, ‘as Kira we have been planting trees but the sustainability level has not been so good but having got Rotary joining hands for the same cause we are going to play our part and call upon the community members especially those on the main roads to be the watch dogs on the trees planted in their faces’.

Father Bonaventure Seruyanzi, the Head teacher Libermann Junior school appreciated the initiative to make Kira green saying that besides his school getting trees to plant, the campaign has enable the school to start an environment Club in the school.

From Libermann the team proceeded to Bulindo St Francis primary school where a number of trees was planted and it will go on to different schools around the Municipality to achieve the intended goal.#