Kira School gets multimillions donation from the Arab community of Oman

Kira School gets multimillions donation from the Arab community of Oman

The Oman based organization- Aljisr Foundation has come to the rescue of Kira school of Kimwanyi UMEA primary with a multimillion donation seen to improve the face of education service in the Municipality. To be implemented in two phases, the project executed by HIJRA Foundation on behalf of the donors is to cost over a billion shillings with the first phase costing about 450 million shillings to cover the construction a waterborne toilet to improve on the sanitation in the school, a two furnished classrooms block with a staff room and, a fully stocked library.

Performing the ground breaking function to wave off the beginning of the project, Secretary General of Uganda Muslim Education Association (UMEA)   Haj Abubakar Kakembo praised the Mayor of Kira Municipality His Worship Julius Mutebi Nsubuga, for the thinking beyond the ordinary and lobbing for Muslim community of Kira. “Muslims are known to be business men and women, we travel to the Arab world to do business, but Mutebi a non-Muslim is here challenging us by befriending the Muslims world over not for a personal business but lobbing them for the benefit of the entire community”.

He added that Kimwanyi UMEA was found on the ground of the Islam by the Muslims who wanted their children get quality education  besides the religious education but it’s a shame that after years many Muslims around are taking their children to schools far away, some of which are purely private and expensive. “It will be embarrassing after the construction of all these said facilities to find classrooms empty or with few children and so, Mayor has finished his part and it’s the community members to bring children and utilize the facilities”.

Kimwanyi has been one of the public schools in a bad condition due to the lack of buildings and other facilities and due to the mushrooming development in the area land grabbers had started encroaching on the school land.

Mutebi said that in addition to Aljisr foundation there many other individuals organization and the Government willing to support not only Kira as a Municipality but Uganda as a country not only in the Education but also in the Health sector and all process are ongoing to ensure that the government of Uganda clears all the necessary steps required to ensure that there is a memorandum of understanding between the two countries.

“With the support given to me by the Council, I travelled to Oman, met the donors, they took me to the authorities and in the discussion I had with one of the Ministers there the Oman Government is willing to give us all the necessary support and training at the Mulago National Heart Institute once the memorandum of understanding is cleared” said Mutebi.