Presentation and approval of Bweyogerere Division Council Budget 2021/2022

Presentation and approval of Bweyogerere Division Council Budget 2021/2022

In accordance with the Public Finance Management Act 2015, the Output Budgeting Tool(OBT) of Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development (MOFPED), Section 77 of the Local Government Act Cap 243 which empowers Local Governments with the right and obligation to formulate, approve and execute their Budgets and plans and Regulation 18(2) of the Local Government Financial and Accounting Regulations 2007 which requires the Local Government Chairperson to cause the preparation and laying before the Council estimates of revenue and expenditure for the next financial year, Hon. Shamim Nakandi (Secretary Finance and Administration Committee) on behalf of the Division Chairperson Hon. Isaac Ssenkubuge presented the Division recurrent and development Budget for the financial year 2021/2022 worth  Ugx. 1,771,471,000/ over which Locally raised revenue will contribute Ugx. 1,256,660,000/ (70.9%) against Ugx. 514,811,000/ transfers from the Central Government and the Municipality (29.1%).


In terms of expenditure, management and support services will take Ugx. 242,240,000/, Finance Ugx.972,66,000/, Council Ugx. 124,186,000/, Production and Marketing Ugx. 31,900,000/ Health and Sanitation Ugx. 108,901,000/, Education and Sports Ugx. 101,400,000/, Works and Technical Services Ugx. 106,250,000/, Natural Resources Ugx. 11,216,000/, Gender and Community Development Ugx. 50,440,000/, Planning Ugx. 16,116,000/ and Internal Audit 6,500,000/.

She reported to the Council that due to a number of challenges the Division managed to realize a collection of only Ugx. 1,368,500,000/ budget out turn against a budget of Ugx. 1,752,534,000/which was planned, representing an overall realization of 78% for the financial year 2020/2021. Such setback in revenue realization was attributed majorly to Covid pandemic which crippled all the business in the area.

The budget was presented after the presentation of the joint Sectoral Committee report read by Hon. Denis Wasswa (Chairperson Finance and Administration Committee) and the Council received and approved it as the true budget for the financial year 2021/2022.

The council session was attended by among others Local Council one chairperson, Mr. Micheal Lujumba (Deputy DISO) and incoming Councilors.